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From 0 To 150,708 Free Visitors In 30 Days, Using This Pinterest
Automation App

Pinterest Is The Perfect Showcase For Products & The Best Social
Network For Marketers & Sellers

Watch The Walkthrough To See How It Works

No manually writing articles

No spending money on ads

No need to create content

No keyword research

No begging for backlinks

No shortcuts that cause penalties

Take it for a Spin

3,000+ Active Pinflux Users Are Already Finding Buyers Everyday From

The Most Proven Pinterest Automation & Marketing Solution

Find quality new pins

Get all the traffic you could wish for with endless free content for
your Pinterest boards.

Promote multiple boards

Create niche-focused boards and attract only the best, highest quality

Schedule Your Pins

Be there in front of your audience with fresh pins and get the traffic
when it’s there. No need to work hard!

Find quality repins

Find the highest quality posts that you can repin to get traffic and
also to get dibs with fellow marketers.

Autofollow Boards

Get more follows and build your Pinterest tribe faster by engaging

Automatic Unfollow Feature

Automatically get rid of the people who don’t follow you back with
the unfollow feature.

Know How You’re Growing

Complete reporting of every activity that the software does. Always
know what’s working and what’s not.

Get More Sales & Signups

Promote your sites and offers using custom descriptions, links and
call to actions in the pins and get traffic anywhere you want.

Quick & Easy Setup

No API required! 1-Click easy setup without the hassles of permissions
and approvals.


What Our Existing Users Think

Adeosun Abiodun Ojo

"Pinterest has the highest buyer traffic of all the social media
platforms. It only makes sense to utilize the best software for
pinterest automation to expedite our campaigns. Thumbs up to your team
for this upgrade."

Mark Yarbrough

" Pinflux will help me reach a larger audience on Pinterest and
increase my social interaction on the platform. It is important to be
active and share other user's content to be successful on Pinterest,
Pinflux will make this much easier."

Penn Thomas Mason

" I use a lot of Teknikforce's software tools. Everything I have
purchased I love and use. Teknikforce always has quality solid
products and helps me rank better. Thanks Teknikforce for the exciting
new software Pinflux. Now I will be able to get tons of leads with
Pinterest as well!"

If Pinterest Is Not Prominent In Your Marketing Strategy, You’re
Losing Your Best Customers

Did you focus your interest on Pinterest lately?

It’s the perfect social network for products because it’s so

Pinterest feeds are filled with styles, designs, products and
experiences. It’s the easiest way to sell to an audience that’s
already engaged and connected with any niche they are browsing about.

Yes, the Pinterest audience is highly clued in buyer audience that is
not looking to participate in endless debates and bickering on Twitter
and Facebook.

In fact over 80% of the audience is women, and they are looking at
pretty things.


So are you selling your product on Pinterest yet?

Pinflux can help you build a powerful presence on Pinterest and turn
your traffic into the easiest sales that you’ve ever seen come from
organic social traffic.

Make Pinterest marketing easier with Pinflux

Pinflux Is The Most Powerful Pinterest Marketing Tool You’ll Ever
Own. Guaranteed!

Runs on your desktop. No need to log into any third-party website and
share your accounts or stats.

Biggest set of features. There’s no other tool in this market that
has the range of features and all around capabilities that Pinflux

Designed for hands-free automation. Set it up and forget, or get as
much control as you want. Pinflux puts you in 100% charge.

100% safe. It lets you work on Pinterest using your own API Key so
that you’re not affected by anyone’s else bad reputation.

Complete reporting gives you the details on each action that Pinflux

Works without an app. No need to go through the painful and often
unsuccessful process of getting app approvals.

The most powerful Pinterest marketing app ever. Pinflux has the
features that competitors haven’t started to build yet.

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$1 Trial for 14 Days. Cancel anytime

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