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There has never been a better time to prepare for a career that is
financially rewarding and personally satisfying. And there has never
been a better training program than the nationally acclaimed NECA/IBEW
Local 48 Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. Our apprentices
learn from the most-respected and experienced instructors in the
nation’s most technologically advanced facility. The result is that
we produce the most skilled and productive electricians in the nation.



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We are industrial athletes. We make our living performing physically
and mentally demanding work that requires skill, strength,
flexibility, coordination and endurance…just like athletes.
Unfortunately, many construction workers do not think of themselves as
industrial athletes and instead, choose poor habits that promote an
unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s no secret that heart disease is the leading cause of death in
the United States. The Industrial Athlete program puts focus on
physical health and nutritional health. The construction industry is
partnering with the American Heart Association to create a cultural
change within our industry so we may live long, healthy lives and
enjoy retirement.

Physical Health
• Blood pressure management. Many people have a form of high blood
pressure and don’t know it. When was the last time you had your
blood pressure checked?
• Improving physical activity. While our work is tiring, it
doesn’t provide the cardio workout our heart needs to stay healthy.

Nutritional Health
• Reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and energy drinks
which contribute to high blood pressure.
• Our industry is working with food truck vendors to increase
availability of healthy foods and beverages. More workers are wanting
choices for quick, healthy meals.

Let’s not forget about Mental Health - the pathway to Physical and
Nutritional Health
Got stress? The American Medical Association reported studies showing
stress as the underlying cause of 60% of all illness and disease
making stress the number one proxy killer.
Stress affects the entire body and can cause health problems such as
insomnia, asthma, ulcers, nervousness, paranoia, or depression.

The Center for Disease Control reported that male construction workers
have the highest rate of suicide in the U.S. In a male dominated
“tough guy” industry, workers with mental health issues are often
overlooked or fail to seek help. Fatigue and work pressure are known
to be contributing factors. We can learn to recognize the signs of
stress before they develop into depressive thoughts. Look for changes
in appetite, unexplained joint pain, tight chest, anxiety, loss of
motivation, increased smoking or drinking, withdrawal or aggression,
or difficulty concentrating.

Resources for Wellness: 
• Harrison Health and Welfare (Health Plans, Flex Benefits,
• Harrison Trust EAP (Employee Assistance Program) 
• 211 (Dial Toll Free) for Oregon and Southwest Washington
communities to help people identify, navigate, and connect with the
local resources they may need 



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The Western States Electrical Contest was hosted in Portland this year
for the first time since 2006. The contest included 7 components of an
electrician's skill, including the following written tests

* A comprehensive written exam, which is a random test based on the
first four years of the national Inside Wireman curriculum.
* Material Identification - a written test where contestants may view
but not touch 30 items selected by the host and must identify them as
if they were placing a purchase order. 
* Motor Control Logic Drawing - contestants must create a ladder
logic diagram from a set of written instructions and an included
material list. 

The hands-on events included:

* Residential Wiring
* Motor Control Wiring
* Conduit Bending - ½" EMT
* Conduit Bending - ¾" EMT

There were 20 participants in the 2018 contest, coming from Nevada,
California, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Contestants are
selected by each participating JATC from their annual graduating class
and gather to represent their respective local unions and NECA

Portland was proud to offer up Ethan Rinier as the representative for
the host JATC and was not disappointed. Ethan demonstrated his skills
throughout the day, keeping calm and feeling good about the various
events. His experience as an outstanding apprentice paid off as he
applied his rigorous study habits and knowledge taking first place in
the Written Exam event. He continued to impress throughout the day,
also taking first place in the Residential Wiring event as well as the
½" Conduit challenge. Ethan had a varied experience as an apprentice,
working for the coastal shop of Cannon Beach Electric as well as a
stint at Intel with OEG and Rosendin, and wrapping up his
apprenticeship working for Stoner Electric in service, where he
continues today. 

The awards banquet featured a few remarks from LU 48 Business manager
Gary Young and Christensen Vice President of Operations, Sonja
Rheaume, followed by keynote Speaker Todd Stafford, Executive Director
of the Electrical Training ALLIANCE. Awards were presented as each
contestant was given a Milwaukee 18V drill/driver kit, gift cards,
meters and contest swag from contest sponsors Platt Electric,
Milwaukee Tool and, of course, the NIETC. 

As final awards were given, Lee Bowman, Trade Specialist, and Edgar
Aponte, President of Platt Electric, addressed the group to recognize
the excellent performance of each and every contestant. 

All combined, Portland contestant Ethan applied his vast experience to
wrap up the ceremonies with a First Place overall finish in addition
to his three individual event wins. First, Second and Third place, as
well as individual event winners, received prize money for their
accomplishments. The First place winning JATC, Portland OR, also gets
the honor to display the Carl Sorensen traveling trophy for the next
year after adding Ethan's name to the plaque. The contest history
dates back to 1963. 

Next year's contest will be hosted by the SW Washington Electrical
JATC on Sept. 7, 2019 in Tacoma, WA. 

Rod Belisle



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The NIETC celebrates its 89th year with another outstanding group of
graduating apprentices. A total of 139 men and women from throughout
the jurisdiction attended the annual graduation event at the Airport
Sheraton Hotel for their final act of apprenticeship: Graduation.  

As the group gathered, LU 48 Business Manager Gary Young provided a
reflection on the importance and value of the apprenticeship and each
of their individual accomplishments. NECA Chapter Manager Tim Gauthier
also addressed the group, revisiting the job at hand, the
apprenticeship experience, and reporting to work each day without
asking “Why?” He reminded them all that working to serve the
customer while taking pride in their work is truly inspiring.

Mr. Curtis Robinhold, Port of Portland Executive Director, gave the
keynote address, offering graduates and guests a glimpse of what the
Port has to offer. He noted how each of them, likely had an impact in
developing the Port to where it is today. He also noted that the IBEW
makes up the largest bargaining unit at the Port. IBEW’s people,
skills and abilities are what make the Port a success in its very
technical and unique operations: from runway lighting to conveyors and
baggage handling.

Kelly Kupcak, Oregon Tradeswomen Executive Director thanked all the
graduates for being progressive and helping women make a difference in
the trades.

Graduate awards were presented for top honors in the Inside, Limited
Energy and Residential programs. Esteban Corona led the Residential
group, while Jude Hlifka led the L.E group and Keirant Bryerton took
top honors for the Inside program. Ken Brown was also recognized for
his accomplishment, taking 3rd place in the 2017 Western States
Electrical Contest. Following graduate awards, the graduates made the
final trek across the stage to receive their diplomas and various
gifts from the JATC, Platt Electric Supply, Danner Footwear and
Milwaukee Tool.



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A free information orientation is held the third Tuesday of every
month at 4:00pm. Pre-registration is not required. If you have
attended an orientation in the past, we suggested you attend the
orientation again, as information and policies may have changed. You
may also view the information orientation by clicking on the link

__Orientation Video


NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center is now selling the 2017 NEC Code
Books in both Soft Bound and Loose Leaf versions. 
Prices are as follows:
2017 NEC Code Book - Soft Bound: $75.00
2017 NEC Code Book - Loose Leaf: $85.00
2017 NEC Code Book - Spiral Bound: $80.00
2017 NEC Handbook : $141.00

These prices are specially discounted for our IBEW contributing
members. Come by and pick up your new 2017 NEC Code Book today!



Power Partner Business Membership

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