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__November 4, 2019November 4, 2019

__Gigi Bowman __2 Comments

by Gigi Bowman

I have to go back to this time period in my life because I keep
getting criticized by people who call themselves libertarians or
independents or by many of my brethren from the Ron Paul Revolution
–that I am no longer for liberty because I am a Trump supporter.

How wrong you are….

You see, I was lured into the liberty movement by _America Freedom to
Fascism _ and 9/11 Truth
and the death of my

of which today is the day she killed herself 16 years ago, but I
digress….  Throughout those years I learned very deeply about the
DEEP STATE from people like Alex Jones and Ron Paul and many
independent journalist and kids with guts
that went out there looking for the truth….  Ron Paul was a
congressman for 20 years! He ran for President many times! But he DID
NOT WIN…he never won. And nothing was going to save us from what was
coming; what we knew was coming….

We ended up with 8 years of Obama and the smell of stench grew
stronger –Fascism aka Corporatism was the norm, loss of privacy,
expansion of the TSA, we got it all!  But we were also now privy to
information like and
knew exactly who the deep state was and who was taking money from the
military industrial complex and big agriculture and big pharma.  Many
of my friends were running for office including myself on a LIBERTY

platform. We were against the Fed
Corporatism. We wanted to see Industrial Hemp become legal

and we wanted to see an end to wars…. and NONE Of that was going to
happen if Hillary suddenly became President in 2016!  None of it! And
we were ready for the most dangerous family in American history to
take back the White House…. We had already been battered for 8 years
with Obamacare and more endless wars and MONSANTO poisoning our earth
and getting a _Protection Act
_ and
being head of the FDA

and our heirloom seeds being sold down the toxic river (can you
imagine this actually happened in those 8 years!!!!).  We used to
laugh that our politicians should wear suits with the logos of the
they represent.  WE KNEW!  We were woke! And we knew what we were in
for with 8 more years of Hillary…. we knew who she owed and what she
had done and what she would do.  Clinton Cash.
  The Clinton Foundation
for Thievery

And suddenly a miracle occurred. A man who wasn’t a politician and
just a successful capitalist businessman won the White House
instead….and we felt a reprieve…. like we could suddenly breathe


We knew he was far from perfect but he gave us hope and
perhaps….some time, to fend off the cabal we had learned about and
maybe get some of our own people into office and maybe take a step
back for a little while……

He also promised many things, but we knew that people running for
office will often tell you what you want to hear to get in…. yeah,
we knew this all too well.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, and we
trusted none of them….  But this man, he actually started to fight
the deep state like he said he would, and the amazing thing was as
these three years have gone by, what has managed to happen is that the
deep state has been uncovered!  We saw the hate so deeply ingrained
in ALL the political parties that they started to go after him by
spying, running people against him, having daily media haunts and
witch hunts towards

him…  WE saw the three letter agencies that Ron Paul often said we
needed to dissolve get uncovered for their crimes against America. 
It’s been never ending for three long years and with every punch
they threw we uncovered more and more of the corruption underneath. 
We now KNOW exactly who the deep state is!!!  We know exactly who the
media owes allegiance to!  We know exactly where the enemies
lie….and it’s exactly what the Ron Paul Revolution had tried to do
–awaken the masses! And so many many more are awakened now….and
they can’t give credit to the man who stands in the White House

I see the liberty movement that I stood beside turning their back

on our one moment of reprieve to criticize the one man who gave us
room to breathe.  The liberty movement still singing the praises of a
messiah who taught us everything yet who himself turns his back on our
moments of reprieve by criticizing the man who managed to win, though
he, himself, did not.

I know I’m grateful for these moments right now.  I know I’m
happy to have this man give me a few more years of hope because I know
all about the UN and agenda 2030 and globalist and what they’re
after and the end of American Sovereignty being number 1 on the hit
parade.  Yeah, I learned all that from Ron Paul…. who so
disappoints me these days… You see, I’m actually happy and
grateful for the little things in life that give me hope.  I’m not
going to look for perfection when I have been given _hope_.

I honestly have no desire to be friends with or befriend anyone who is
awake and aware and can still criticize rather than help to gather the
troops with our last breath to save America from being just another
country run by a handful of criminals who call themselves
intellectuals and progressives and are looking to have a global

I know better, Ron Paul taught me….only Ron Paul has turned his back
on these little moments of happiness and so many of the people I stood
beside are just as ungrateful and petty because the man who won
isn’t perfect –even though we know he’s essentially fighting all
of our enemies alone in the best way he knows how.  Alone with WE THE

Imagine if we all helped him?   No, instead the liberty movement
continues to praise a party that let the likes of William Weld
into the front door (and
don’t you feel silly now lol)….

So please, next time you want to call me anti-liberty because I
support Trump, go all the way and forget you ever knew me.  I’m a
fighter, I’ve always been a fighter and I’m here for the country I
love and have always loved.  That is my liberty –my freedom to
fight the enemy with the one man who won against all odds.  I’m
also fighting alongside someone who stood beside me in the liberty
movement but who also understood that we had been given a
reprieve…and she ran with it! Tracy Beanz even started her own
company,  so she could bring
truth to media rather than the sold out legacy media that we watched
die through the Ron Paul days and sell out today with unrelenting bias
by completely taking the side of the enemies of America.  Tracy gives
me hope.

I know that some of my brother’s and sisters are still with me and
they have energy and conviction and knowledge ready to take on our
fight for liberty with this little thread we have been able to pull
when Donald J. Trump won the White House.

And Ron Paul…. you can take that to the bank.  Bet you do have a
bank account too.  No man is perfect


By Gigi Bowman

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food


Video __August 28, 2019August 28,

__Gigi Bowman __Leave a

  Who are you actually voting for?   They came together in a small
diner that caters to Veterans.  They were invited by a letter in the
US mail as well as through the email system and out of the 17 invited,
9 agreed.  This wasn’t an ordinary “candidate forum” because we
had invited people


__May 8, 2019May 8, 2019

__Gigi Bowman __1 Comment

Salaries are not huge in Florida. As a substitute teacher I made
$11.88 per hour which is actually not bad considering what full time
teachers make in this state for all their hard work and the
responsibility that goes with it…

So I got to thinking about candidates who are running for office. No,
not the entrenched candidates –the ones who have been in there 10,
15, 20, 30 years…but the citizens that feel compelled to step up to
run for office because they know there is something wrong, very
wrong….and they want to help. The ones with passion and who are
doing it for all the right reasons…I mean, no one put them up to it
or made a deal with big money behind it to support them if they played
along or followed the “agenda”…..

I’m talking about hard working citizens who love America and want to
make sure the country doesn’t continue to be run by thugs and
fascist and corporations…

My point is….

Most of the entrenched or put-upon candidates seem to get a treasure
trove of big money from somewhere….usually it’s through some
corporate sponsor or a PAC which has corporate money behind it. These
people get thousands upon thousands or even millions of dollars in
their coffers…..and for what? TV commercials to fool us? Ads in
Newspapers we don’t read? Facebook ads that get lost in the mire? Oh
wait…..what about those palm cards that come in the mail during
election time…you know, the one’s that get thrown in the garbage
and never read?

They spend money to get more and more big donors. They use it for
travel expenses and hotel rooms and events to praise those that gave
them the big money…. Funny though, no one pays the citizens that go
door to door or do sign waves or give up their time to watch polling
stations. It’s all a crazy game and it makes absolutely no sense.

Then once in awhile you get someone who wants to run for office
because they give a damn and the people who donate to them make about
$10, $12 or $15 an hour and if they are to give a $20 donation it’s
2 hours of labor before taxes. This is a “real” donation. One from
the heart given by someone who probably could use that $20 to feed
their family but they want to see America be Great Again

You can go to a place like OpenSecrets. Org
and see who donated what to whom.  
It’s a fascinating place. It gives the true story of who your
legislator is working for….most times it’s not the people –not
the citizens, but rather some corporation that wants favors for their
“payment”. Someone like Big Pharma or Big Agriculture….

So to the candidates out there who are stepping up to run for office
because they give a damn –relish in those $5 and $10 and $20
donations and appreciate that someone may have worked a few hours on
your behalf.

And to the citizens who are giving donations, give wisely because you
don’t want to give your hard earned money to some guy who lies to
you and says they’ll do things like support your beliefs in the
constitution and then as soon as they get elected they turn the other
cheek and disregard everything they stood for (and sponsor

the Pelosi gun law). Stop giving your hard earned money to these
thieves in the night who don’t appreciate that you gave them an hour
of hard labor….

And for goodness sake when you judge or choose a candidate to vote
for, look at the amount of small donations they get by hard working
citizens rather than the sum total –thinking that the more money a
candidate makes the better they must be is archaic thinking!

I used to run ‘Liberty Candidates’ . com

for 5 years (I closed it down in 2014 and decided to run for office
I did it because I cared about these citizen candidates who I watched
run for office because they gave a damn and I wanted to help to
promote them and get them donations. In the end so few of them won.
Why? Because people didn’t vote for them –sadly, people voted for
the entrenched most of the time….

It’s our job to see who is running for office and to make a wise
decision. It’s our job to get out there and vote and not to make the
same mistakes over and over again. It’s our job!

This election season I’m giving my hard earned hours of work to Rich
Williams who is running for St. Lucie County Sheriff against a man who
has had the job for 19 years. I know that Rich was endorsed by good
people like CSPOA and Sheriff Mack
and The Republican
Liberty Caucus and that the Constitution is of the
utmost importance to him. He’s the man who I choose to give my hard
earned money and time to. I also know that he appreciates me for it.

Find your citizen candidate and help support them in your locality or
your state or your country….. WE are the change. WE can make the
change and WE can be the change. Stop voting in the people who want to
rule over you and instead vote in those who want to stand beside you.

If you would like to support Rich Williams check out his facebook
(richwilliamsslcsheriff/) for information on where you can talk to
him, ask questions and donate your hard earned money. You don’t even
have to live in his district to do that….you can support any citizen
in this country that you so desire to…. but make sure that this
person shares your values and that they appreciate your hours of work
in order to support them.


Gigi Bowman

Treasure Coast Republican Liberty Caucus

_Gigi Bowman, Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food_



__February 12, 2019February 12, 2019

__Gigi Bowman __Leave a

_ _

A few weeks back I tried to explain to Andrew Pollack in a tweet, that
we both had dead daughters for the same reason… but he deleted his
tweet after telling me he was sorry for my loss. He _deleted _his

Well, here it is, the anniversary of Parkland, and I finally just
found out, in a blurb in an article from a year ago on
what may have actually happened at Parkland. Although it is not what
has been focused on, I know that it is the _key_ to what
happened…. Let me explain.

We never hear about it, it’s never talked about, it’s never the
focus after a school shooting or mass murder but from my years of
experience, research and knowing people who have based their lives
around trying to get the word out like Ann Blake-Tracy
her website
 and her books and papers
and countless interviews; or Kevin P. Miller who made the films
“Generation RX ” and
“Letters from Generation RX
” which he hoped would
awaken the public to what was happening all around us; and Tim
Alexander who is working on a new film “Legal Death — In Drugs
We Trust ”. The _key_, in this small
blurb of an article, is that yes, Andrew Pollack, my daughter and your
daughter died for the same reason and that factor
was….._medication_. The only difference is your daughter didn’t
ingest it and my daughter did. Your daughter died from someone who was
on medication and my daughter walked out onto a roof and hung herself
from a tree. The only solace I have is that my daughter didn’t take
anyone down with her but your daughter died at the hands of a boy who,
according to his now deceased mother, “was found cutting his arms
and posting about it on Snapchat.” And “his behavior was a result
of a breakup with a girl she said was cheating on Cruz ”.

Valentine’s Day.

Medication. Let me say that again….. _medication_. It’s handed
out these days like candy to our children _with_ our permission.
It’s the problem solver. The Band-Aid. The relief. I’m not a
doctor and I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m just a mother who lost a
child to medication because some time ago my daughter, too, was
depressed and I trusted doctors when they told me that because she was
cutting herself she needed medication. Within 9 months she was
gone….. unfortunately it took the loss of my daughter to wake me up
and I have made it my mission to at least help to wake up other
parent’s so they don’t suffer the same pain… only here it is 15
years later and they are still handing out SSRI
like candy, and sadly enough the same drug that killed her, that
children under 18, is still given out today to children under 18!
Nothing has changed! Did my daughter die in vain? And since then, we
have had countless schools shot up and countless suicides and
countless devastation because of…..medication. This newest article
the Parkland massacre finally _mentions_ that Cruz was on three
different medications as if it’s of little significance.

_— Cruz was heavily medicated when he transferred into Stoneman
Douglas. Doctors had prescribed him Focalin, Clonidine and Risperidone
for attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and irritability
associated with autism. The medications can increase aggression._

Valentine’s Day.

Do you remember when you were a teenager? Love was the greatest of
feelings and the worst. It brought you the greatest joy and the worst
pain. Broken hearts were always the thing I worried about most for my
children. As an emotional being, I suffered through broken hearts in
my teens that hurt so bad that I too wanted to die at times. I was
date raped at 15 (there was no such thing as the term “date rape”
at that time) and I wanted to scream out at the world, so I cut the
top of one of my arms with a razor blade then found myself wearing a
long sleeve shirt for a long period of time to cover it up because I
was embarrassed when my peers saw it and made fun of me. I did it
because I was hurting and didn’t know how to tell anyone how bad it
felt, especially not my mother who I thought would be mad at
me….. _mad at me_. Well, she saw the cuts and she immediately sent
me to a psychologist who _talked_ to me weekly for a few months
after which the psychologist called my mother and said I would be OK.
I was a hard teen. I was an only child and I lived in a neighborhood
where all the kids were older than me by a year or two, but from 12 to
15 it’s never good to have friends who are older than you by a year
or two because you grow up way too fast. I had no brothers or sisters
so my friends were my world….. but even your friends can’t be
really there for you when you are hurting from date rape. So I cut
myself. And a psychologist talked to me….. _Talked to me_. I say
this because today your psychologist talks to the psychiatrist they
are affiliated with and instead of communicating with you, you’re
given a prescription for…… _medication_.

Over and over again, this is what I hear from parent’s…. “my
child was having a hard time so the doctor put them
on… _medication_”. 15 years after the death of my daughter and
I’m still seeing kids getting little blue pills placed on their
tongues by their mothers and fathers…… I recently talked to one
mother who’s 16 year old daughter was on two different SSRI
medications and wanted to kill herself. She had also recently started
taking birth control pills as well — do we really believe that
these _drugs_ were ever tested together and that they may not have a
reaction in a 16 year old??

So maybe your child says they’re depressed and not doing well in
school and not talking to you when really, maybe, it’s just a broken
heart, or bullying, or maybe, just maybe, they’re not getting any
sunlight or minerals in their food or they’re living on chicken
nuggets filled with antibiotics or some other toxins like red dye #5
and your child is really chemically overloaded or imbalanced due to
what’s going _in_ their body or maybe they have a broken heart and
they are in pain and they are on medication and they don’t have a
lot of friends and their mother died and they are “in the system”
and no one cares or they have no one that can really talk to them
about how they feel…. and then Valentine’s Day comes.

We see legislators jump on these “events” and immediately blame
the guns for the deaths of the children in the schools that have had
shootings….. but it’s not the guns, it’s the _medication_. I
know that because Dr. Ann Blake Tracy
has done years of research can tell you that most school shootings
were done by a child on medication. But it’s NEVER EVER TALKED ABOUT
in the media or by our legislators…. Well, one good reason could be
that the media does all the talking and it’s the place where we
get _the_ _information_ but according to Robert Kennedy Jr., the
media gets 5.4 billion dollars each year from big pharma! Then, if you
want to know how much money our legislators get from big pharma it’s
not that hard by going to
, and when
you do, maybe you will finally understand why we never hear about mass
shootings and school shootings and teen suicide from the perspective
of the children being medicated because “mental health” supports
our media and our legislators
 and if
they talk against it, who is going to pay the bills?

_“The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful, they give $5.4 billion
a year to the media. They’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there is
no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to
control the debate and silence people like me.“_

_~Robert F. Kennedy Jr._

“More mental health is needed

is what Andrew Pollack and Donald Trump have said in so many ways
after Parkland but what if more mental health just means more drugging
of our children and it becomes a circle game?

What we need in this country is more nutrition health
more parent/child communication about things like broken hearts
More faith and more belief that we can get passed our pain without
being drugged or medicated. If mental health means strengthening our
inner fears and growing as a human to get passed our pain and putting
our energies into other things like the arts or education or empathy
and love for our fellow man instead of believing that a pill can solve
our problems than I will certainly stand by this sort of mental
health. But if it means standing in line at your local drug cartel to
fill a prescription to keep your child from hurting or not eating or
lashing out or getting bullied or having a broken heart… I will not
stand by and watch.

There is a lot we need to look into that should take precedent over
what we are trying to do to solve the problem. Disarming Americans and
infringing on the 2nd Amendment is not one of them. We will not solve
the problem as I previously stated by medicating our children. We can
solve the problem by_ not _ignoring the other factors that might
contribute to our children’s mental health like being able to deal
with life’s ups and downs which resides in the area of better
parenting but also looking into the toxins in our food and in our
water due to the chemicals being sprayed
and out of the home and especially those used to cultivate our food
sources etc. We can take our children to nutritionist. Make sure they
are getting exercise and are outdoors getting sunlight and vitamins
and minerals. We really do need to do better. We need to stop the
circle game. And we need to stop letting media, mega-corporations and
the legislators who are paid money by these entities be the ones to
solve our problems. It’s up to us.

This Valentine’s Day talk to the ones you love. Ask them how they
are. Give them your ear and your heart. It’s more important than
anything you can possibly do for your family and your fellow man.



Gigi Bowman, Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Clean Food


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severe side effects are likely affecting thousands of people

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__September 26, 2018September 26, 2018

__Gigi Bowman __2 Comments

SO I was minding my own business and doing what I do daily –reading
the news and sharing info with my Facebook FRIENDS and the group I run
about the city I live in and politics when I was suddenly thrown off
of my facebook and had to go through a litany of questions concerning
what I had posted in the last month and if I had actually posted any
of these hundreds of items and if I wanted them removed.

Well, everything they showed me I did actually post. Every friend they
showed me I had actually accepted their friendship. Every picture they
showed me I actually put up…. and it occurred to me that I had been
asked to do this same thing last week and had to change my password
which was a pain in the ass because it means I have to go through all
my phone, games, etc and everything that I do in conjunction with
facebook and the app and change the password AGAIN!

So, I go to my phone and from there I can see what it was that I
posted that was removed and considered spam and it was an article from
Breitbart??? about a candidate running in the Democrat Party that is
someone I am NOT voting for that advocates for everything I abhor
about the left.  This is Spam and taken down?  So if I post anything
from Breitbart will I eventually lose my account?  If I post anything
negative about a Democratic candidate will I lose my account?  Did I
actually hear facebook say they weren’t targeting Conservatives?? 
They’re lying!!

Breitbart is not spam. It is a Conservative news agency.  Does
anything from Media Matters get removed as spam? I’m curious….let
me know in the comments if you’ve had articles from Media Matters
thrown off because if this is not the case then I’m calling BS and
lies to Facebook and it’s CEO and the legislators that are saying
it’s not true.

My opinion is that I am backing a Conservative candidate in my state
and that I posted an article on his opponent that explains why –and
I posted it into a Conservative Group no less!!!

This is a technological war against the Right.  Don’t grow
complacent or believe



Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Clean Food



__May 25, 2018May 25, 2018

__Gigi Bowman __1 Comment

Day after day on social networking I’ve come to notice a trend. 
Group-think is the new Conservative view –the same view that the
Conservatives condemn the Liberals for.

In this country we have primaries.  Sometimes our President endorses
a candidate and sometimes he does not. Not all the candidates that
have been endorsed by President Trump -whom I happen to LOVE with a
capitol L- have been the best candidates and they have not all been
the winners.  We do have people in this country who think for
themselves –thank God.

In Florida we have a race for Governor with a dozen or so
candidates.  Donald Trump endorsed Ron DeSantis
and someone I admire very much, Ron Paul,
endorsed Bob White .  My choice is Bob
White. I like where he stands on the issues including jobs, education
and corporatism in the Florida legislature.  These issues are very
important to ME and I agree with him. So I took it upon myself to help
his campaign and to try to awaken other people to the fact that he’s
a pretty damned good candidate.  It’s a free country, we have a 1st
Amendment and I am not an advocate for Group-think.  I thought my
fellow Conservatives and Republicans were against this sort of thing
as well since it’s what I see them faulting liberals with day after
day on Facebook & Twitter –but it’s funny how it’s AOK when
_they_ do it or don’t agree with you.  In most places that’s
called hypocrisy.  And I really hope that we are not resorting to
that sort of thing.

Today I’ve been called stupid by a fellow Republican Conservative
and Biker.  Yesterday I was verbally gang-hammered by Bikers for
Trump. ALL BECAUSE I chose to think for myself and look at the
candidates and make a decision of whom I agreed with the most and took
it upon myself to help their campaign.

I could go on and on but I’m going to stop here.  If we don’t
want to turn into the very people we protest against, why do we resort
to acting like them when we don’t agree?  Name calling?  Vicious
verbal attacks?  What’s next?

Lets try to be bigger than that.  We have primaries for a reason. 
You can make your decisions during primary time and when the nominee
is voted upon then we basically come together and work as one for the
side we have chosen that is supposed to represent our values.

I’m so tired of being disappointed in my fellow American citizens.
In every direction I look we’re at each other’s throats. Even
those on the same side.

If, during primary time, you don’t like a candidate –then just
ignore them…but to jump on the hate bandwagon and act the same
towards those on your side as you act towards those who are
diametrically opposite of your very core beliefs is really

I’m a Conservative, A Republican with a side of libertarian. I love
my President and my husband and I ride an Indian Motorcycle… I
think I fit into the groups “Bikers for Trump
” or “Trump
Voters who Ride Motorcycles” and unless the name of the group is
changed to Group-Think for Trump or Zombies With One Brain for Trump
then there is no reason to attack me.

That is all.

And yes, this is me.  I’m a Real Woman and I am voting for Bob
White.  This doesn’t mean that if you don’t vote for Bob White
you’re not a real woman it just means that I’m a woman and I’m



__May 22, 2018July 28, 2018

__Gigi Bowman __Leave a

I just finished binge-watching “13 Reasons Why”
and I come away feeling that
it’s probably the most important piece of work in decades and that
every family, legislator, and news reporter needs to sit down and
watch it through.

It touches on all the reasons why kids are hurting, shooting up
schools, and committing suicide. It’s nearly perfect in showing how
cruelty and bullying from peers, is affecting a great number of kids
and it touches on many of the issues human-beings are facing head-on
from the “Me Too” movement to divorce, homosexuality, race and
culture differences to how technology has magnified bullying.  It
touches on gun ownership, teen sexuality, teacher/student
relationships, opioids, heroin usage, runaway teens and school sports
pressures in ways that make you question how we must do a better job
in bringing up happy, healthy children in a world with so much
“noise”.  It touches on the fact that we are not perfect beings
and this comes across in very dramatic yet poignant ways in so much of
the series that makes it one of the most important pieces of work in
quite some time.

But it does leave one thing out and once again I am bothered very much
by the absence of one particular issue that has affected me personally
and so many families that they have taken to social networking groups
to understand what’s happening to their children and themselves. 
That issue is SSRI

medication.  There, I said it.  Big Pharma once again gets away
unscathed and doesn’t even get a supporting role in one of the most
startlingly truthful series in years.

Do I find it surprising? No, because I’ve come to learn that Big
Pharma always gets a pass.  It’s most likely because when I open a
newspaper or turn on the TV or try and have this conversation with
those legislating our government, I find that Big Pharma is paying for
most of the ads in media

and in lobbying our legislators

Once again, they win and this issue gets glossed over.  But I’m not
going to let that happen.  Not today.

They do touch on “medication” in one story-line where a young girl
believes that she is bi-polar and she takes herself out of the
equation by entering a facility with a controlled environment to get
healed from her mental illness.  We are left to believe that all is
right with the girl after this scene and the story-line moves on. 
They never touch on this issue again and it’s kind of bewildering
when so many of the children I know and have known in my lifetime have
been prescribed SSRI medication outside of controlled environments and
were left to continue on with their daily lives dealing with the
bigger issues that this series does put in the spotlight.

Yet, how many teens have committed suicide

because they were put on medication and/or taking it sporadically? How
many teens have taken to shooting up schools

after being put on medication rather than having to deal with the real
issues of bullying or something as simple as lack of nutrition or lack
of communication with adults?  How many students are walking around
feeling dead inside because they are on medication that was never even
approved for them yet were prescribed by doctors who have received
Do I sound like I’m making grand statements with nothing to back
this up?  Well, that’s just not true at all.There is plenty of 
evidence to back this up but when anyone
speaks about it they are reduced to ridicule or verbally admonished by
the media or “trolls” on the internet.

Maybe this is an issue that needs a series all on its own because
“13 Reason’s Why”, the greatest series about teenage angst ever
made, leaves out the one most important issue that so may teens are
dealing with today! Our children are being prescribed mind-altering
medication and no one is doing a thing to stop it and we can’t even
talk about it!

Now I could get into how many school shootings were done by kids on/or
coming off of SSRI medication or how many children commit suicide for
the same reason but who will listen?  I have screamed about this
issue for years on social networking. I have run for office because of
this issue simply so my voice would be heard by a wider audience. I
have debated. I have been interviewed. I have written. I have
screamed. And I am not alone in this. Day after day I see the pain
coming from mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands
who form social networking groups to ask if they are the only ones
suffering through the pain of having been on medication and trying to
wean themselves off only to have more medication prescribed.  Day
after day I see parent’s break down because their child hung
themselves or cut themselves or hurt other children. Day after day I
see people –real humans– in fear because they no longer have
feelings and are completely apathetic to life because of medication
that was prescribed by doctors that they trusted.


I was very happy to see this series “13 Reasons Why
” and I
watched with so much gusto only to be disappointed at the end that Big
Pharma once again played no part in being a catalyst for what’s
happening in the world of teenage pain.  I have seen a lot of
criticism because the media and press feel that the issue of “mental
illness” was not given as a reason for teen suicide but they did
touch on mental illness –what they never touch on is that the
greatest cause of teen suicide is the medication itself.  How do I
know this?  Because I live in the real world and I talk to people
everyday who explain their life before medication and come into social
network groups to explain their life after taking medication.  I know
because my own 15 year old daughter walked out onto a roof and hung
herself because she was on Zoloft –which incidentally I found out
after she died, was never even approved

for children under 18 with depression. It was only approved for
children with OCD –my daughter did not have OCD!

Hopefully this series, when it continues into its third season,
touches on this issue.  It needs to be talked about.  We need to be
told the truth. We need to stop having this industry with deep pockets
who supports all the media given a constant pass.  We need to have
the conversation once and for all and we need to stop it from
happening over and over again.  It’s a real issue, it’s probably
the biggest reason why so many kids are dealing with tragedy and the
silence is deafening.






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